Affordable Arizona Auto Insurance

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Do you know that the majority of people paying car insurance are paying far more than they have to?  What if there was a better way to go about getting affordable Arizona auto insurance?  Let’s take a moment to review a process that will help you get a quote at a price point that is fair, affordable, and less expensive than what you are currently paying.

The Facts

The state of Arizona has 3.82 million licensed drivers, with the majority of them legally driving and paying car insurance.  Arizona requires minimum insurance levels for every driver.  These are impossible to get around and ensure a certain degree of stability for drivers on the road.  Your base rate will begin to be calculated with it.  You will need $10,000 property-damage liability and $15,000 bodily-injury liability.  It should be noted that these prices are among the least expensive in the United States.  When it comes to affordable Arizona auto insurance you have a lot working in your favor.

Finding An Affordable Rate

That being said, there is a process you can follow to save even more on the costs of Arizona auto insurance.  The first thing you will want to do is examine the minimal state requirements, and compare it to the average paid out in car accidents in your state, as well as the amount of coverage you are looking for in your vehicle.  The type of vehicle, age, and other factors will play into your decision for the level of coverage you want.

Write down the coverage level you want.  Consider plotting it out.  Horizontally on a grid, list every type of insurance coverage you want.  Vertically down the list will be every insurance company’s free quote that you call.  Aim for between half a dozen to a dozen different quotes and be sure to get the coverage rates for each type of insurance.  Use the information you already determined before starting the process to stay on point as you are figuring out your quote.
The last thing you should do when finding an affordable Arizona auto insurance rate is to be extra careful with your top 3 choices.  Review each independently to see what their customer rating is like and what people in Arizona experienced in terms of coverage.  In addition, see if your current insurance provider is willing to re-negotiate the amount you are paying when you leave.  It may be that to get an affordable rate you simply have to threaten to leave your current provider.

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